How to Get Rid of Toe Nail Fungus

To understand how one can treat toenail fungus, you need to understand what it is. Toenail fungus is caused by fungi that grow underneath your toenail. If left untreated, the fungi can make its way to the rest of the toe, causing the toe to change color from A white shade to yellow. The infected nail also breaks away quickly and does not grow uniformly. Apart from these, people with an infected nail can get psychosocial problems because they worry if people around them can tell they have a seedy toe.

A toenail with the fungus can emit an odor, and that is why people who have it may be afraid of socializing with other people. Another thing you need to know is that it can Affect toenails as well as fingernails. The fingernails infection is not as common as toenail but can still happen. With a Fingernail infection, the risk of psychosocial problems is increased because people can see it more clearly.

You should also know people who are more at risk with toenail fungus, the most common people to get it is older people, those over 50 years. The reasoning behind it is their nails are no longer healthy and therefore let in fungi more easily. Makes are more at risk and people with diabetes. Diabetes hinders blood circulation; not enough blood reaches your toes, and therefore, an infection in the toes can be dangerous.

Treatment for toenail fungi

Most cases related to toenail fungus can be treated at home with self-care routines. Most infections reoccur, and it is best to throw away shoes or socks you wore when you had the disease and always remembered to dry your toes or fingers because fungi thrive in wet areas.

• Oral medicine

If you seek medical care from a doctor, you maybe are given oral anti-fungal tablets to rid the infection. Oral tablets are the most effective in clearing the disease; it does come at a cost because the increased use of the pills Can lead to liver complications.

• Fungal cream

Another way you can treat toenail fungus is by applying a cream to the infected toes. It is not as effective as taking pills, but it does not have any side effects like tablets bring.

• Using special nail polish

With this nail polish you apply it on the affected nail, then wait For almost a week then pull the coat of nail polish off, it pulls off with some of the fungi, then applies a fresh layer and repeat the process until the nail is looking better and no longer discolored.

• Surgery

In some extreme cases, surgery might be the only option left. The doctor can arrange for an operation that has your whole nail removed, then an antifungal cream so that the new nail that will grow does not have the infection.

• Cutting nails

When you first see the infection, you can easily prevent it from spreading by merely cutting your toenails.

Toenail fungus medication can be as small as trimming nails and as extreme nail removal surgery. The only way to prevent an infection is by keeping your toes dry all the time. Do not over wear closed shoes; your toes need to be able to breathe. Any change you get to wear open shoes you take because they can be saving from surgery.