Will Nail Fungus Go Away by Itself?


Nail fungus is a prevalent condition; however, it is not easy to deal with it, primarily if it spreads so fast. When it spreads, it will not be easy for you to eradicate it, but it will take you time to cure it completely. Note that this condition is not hazardous, but it is not something you should be happy about since it is capable of residing in your nails and working on them for several months, and if not handled properly, it can even go for years.

Therefore, can nail fungus heal without treatment? The answer is no since the immune system cannot do away with a fungal infestation, especially onychomycosis. Note that when you do not treat your nails that are infected with fungus properly, they are likely to affect your nail bed hence entering your bloodstream, which is highly risky in most cases since it is life-threatening. On the other hand, when you leave your nail fungus untreated, it will cause your skin and nail to crack, resulting in another infection called cellulitis, a very hazardous skin bacterial infection. It causes pain in your lower legs, swelling, and redness.

Furthermore, when the nail fungus infection is severe, it can force the medics to perform nail surgical removal to treat the disease appropriately. Note that fungal spores can be so resourceful and stubborn. They survive on your skin by consuming your nails, hair, skin as well as keratin. This means when you have the infection, you should seek for nail fungus treatment.

How do you get nail fungus infection?

Nail fungus infection occurs due to several factors. Age being a primary factor; if you are old, you will tend to have poor circulation, especially when it comes to your feet. Moreover, an elderly with a diabetes condition is also likely to have a higher risk of nail fungus. Therefore, it calls upon everyone to take precautions measures on foot protection. This should apply to the entire environments that harbor fungi like public showers, swimming pool areas, and locker rooms. Ensure that you make it a habit of washing flip flops, disinfecting, and wearing them occasionally; make it a necessity. If you practice maximum hygiene, you are likely to do away with nail fungus. In case you have nail fungus, it is appropriate that you seek for nail fungus treatment to determine how acute your infection is.

Furthermore, your doctor can recommend that you either see a podiatrist or dermatologist for prescription of drugs. There is a variety in the industry, both for topical as well as oral. Therefore, your doctor will prescribe the best that can help you heal faster or have the potential to effectively and efficiently handle your fungal infection condition.

Signs of nail fungal infection

Most people ignore the symptoms of nail infection. If your nail has discoloration, that should be your primary symptom; when you notice you also have brownish and white spots, it is also a sign of nail fungus. Other signs include foul odor, distorted nails shape, debris piled on the nail, and crumby nails.


Based on the above information, you now know that nail fungus can never heal without treatment. In case you have a nail fungus infection, make sure that you seek for nail fungus treatment. I hope that this article will benefit you understanding how nail fungus can health without treatment.